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Logline: Two graduate students captured by Iranian militiamen fight for possession of Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat after they discover the ship’s engine is powered by alien technology.
Anna Maria Elisa Manalo
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From Within Me (formerly entitled “The Tulpa Effect”) – Horror Thriller
By Anna Maria Elisa Manalo
267-884-3290 *

Logline: An Argentinean priest must stop a woman and her evil thought creation, a “thoughtform” from killing members of her family.

Synopsis: FATHER LUNA, a 31-year-old priest unjustly accused of child molestation but acquitted, encounters a writer who is plagued by a goat-like specter the man believes he created. One night, left alone, the man commits suicide. His death enrages the specter and it embarks on a killing spree which the priest must stop.

Embroiled in a case he feels unprepared to handle, Father Luna visits the man’s widow, SENECA who resists his efforts to protect her and her infant son. The police suspect Father Luna as the man behind the murders as he seems to be the last person seen with each of the victims. At a party at her parents’ estate, Seneca’s baby disappears after Father Luna departs without notice to pick up the archdiocese’s exorcist, FATHER PINOCHET.

As Pinochet attempts a traditional exorcism on the writer’s house, Father Luna finds allies in Seneca’s two younger brothers. Receptive to his efforts, they introduce Luna to a Buddhist monk, LAMA TSUMPA who believes the family is haunted by a “Tulpa” – a specter created by the power of the mind. The Lama believes Seneca and Javier’s union had unwittingly conjured the thoughtform which is avenging them against the adults who molested them in childhood.

As the search for the missing infant continues, Father Luna’s dog leads the police to an abandoned shack where they find the infant and meet the winged goat-faced specter. In a terrifying confrontation, the inspector mistakes the attacking specter for the dog and shoots it. He arrests Father Luna. Back at the estate, Seneca’s ailing mother reveals to her that it was Seneca’s father, PAULO who had raped Seneca as a child – and still lives with them. Enraged, betrayed and filled with guilt over the deaths, Seneca sketches with abandon, unwittingly summoning the specter once again.

Seneca’s brother bails out Father Luna who joins forces with the monk to defeat the specter. That night at the family estate, the specter enters the house, bent on destroying Seneca’s childhood tormentor. Under the guidance of the gentle Lama, Seneca sketches the face of her father. Now identified, the specter pursues Paulo who takes off in his car. As the car falls into a creek behind the writer’s house, the specter enters Paulo’s body and the car explodes. Vindicated, cleared of charges and his credibility restored, Father Luna bows with Seneca, Father Pinochet and the police inspector to pray for the victims of the “Tulpa”.

Based on the book, Roswell Alien Autopsy by Philip Mantle.

Logline: A UFO investigator and author sets on a quest to authenticate films of an alien autopsy and discovers a cover up and conspiracy more terrifying at work in the isolated desert outside Roswell, New Mexico.

Tagline: Reality is more sinister than even YOU believe.

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Fee Simple – Supernatural Psychological Thriller
Anna Maria Elisa Manalo
267-884-3290 *

Logline: An insecure young woman finds strength when the spirit of her cop husband saves her from a serial killer whom he chokes, skewers and burns with bleach – the very M.O. the killer always uses.

Synopsis: KATIE HOLLANDER, a young petite brunette in her 20’s becomes a real estate agent a year after the shooting death of her husband EDWIN, a policeman. Katie has learned to deal with firearms and keeps close to her mother, LOUISE. Lonely and unsure of herself, Katie starts to date. On her way home from showing a house, she meets WES GREEN at a neighborhood 7Eleven. Wes is wanted in other states for several gruesome murders that have the mark of bleach poured on the dead body. Having sold most of her electronics to make ends meet as a new widow, Katie does not realize Wes is all over the television news when he poses as a potential buyer.

Wes stalks Katie and one day observes in anger that Katie is dating Edwin’s best friend, former cop and turned realtor, JIM. Eager to begin a new life, Katie invites Jim to her house against Louise’s wishes who felt her daughter needed more time to mourn. Tell-tale signs of Edwin’s presence in the house make itself known as Katie sees his cologne bottle appear in her bathroom, the scent unmistakable. Edwin is seen at the front door as his footsteps bend the hardwood floors upstairs. His visits intensify Katie’s loneliness and as she reaches for Jim, she discovers his own insecurity and neediness. Eventually, Katie becomes stronger as months go by and her career as a realtor takes a firmer hold. She finally rejects Jim at her mother’s advice. Insistent, Jim visits. He pursues her through the house and in a frenzy of madness, confesses to her horror that he was Edwin’s murderer. Katie dashes out of the house and encounters Wes who enviously watches. Wes kills Jim with a barbecue fork, embedding it on his back as he pours bleach on the wound. Grateful to Wes, Katie begins a friendship, but he reveals his attraction. Again, Katie rebuffs another man’s advances. Thwarted and enraged by the rejection, Wes returns the next night, enters Katie’s backyard and stabs Louise to death after she buys her daughter a TV set. To Katie’s horror the TV news reveals Wes is wanted in several states.

Now alone, Katie prepares for bed the next night as Wes breaks into the house after killing the policeman outside. She dashes onto the roof of the house. As Wes attempts to grab her feet, gunfire rings out and Wes, taking cover, descends back into the bathroom. He reenters the house and is inexplicably skewered by a barbecue fork. As he attempts to remove it, something chokes him. As he wrestles with an unseen foe, his terror mounts and he jumps out of a window where he hits his head on a rock. As he turns, he sees a boulder descend on his head, breaking it open. He dies on the grass and the last image he sees is Edwin leaning over him, pouring bleach on his head. The front door opens. Outside, an exhausted and emotionally depleted Katie looks down to find a sole tea rose her husband Edwin used to give her. As she picks it up, she smells his cologne waft in the open breeze and whispers with confidence that love survives after death.

Uncharted Darkness – Science Fiction Action Adventure Thriller
Anna Maria Elisa Manalo
267-884-3290 *

Logline: A young mapmaker on an uncharted island, discovering aliens who microwave humans with earth crystals, must escape and warn the world… if he can first escape a beautiful woman who condones their torture.

Synopsis: JEREMY MCALLISTER moves to Charter Island to map out the undeveloped island for a real estate developer. Excited to see his only daughter AUDREY visit and enjoy the modest home he built on the bluff, Jeremy stocks it from the local grocery, a ramshackle house run by a middle-aged hippie, ARTIE BUDD. Jeremy’s idyllic hideaway and promise of a great career are disrupted when he inexplicably faints while surveying the island’s jungle at midday and awakens to find it is 9:30 pm. He discovers he has a bleeding nose and a melted camera. He meets two self-styled cops: beautiful NASREEN, an Iranian expat and Police Chief WAYLON BLOCK, a former marine. She escorts him to the local clinic where he meets the clinic’s only doctor. Block explains away Jeremy’s fainting and bleeding nose as due to a malfunctioning cell phone tower, but the doctor intimates the island is haunted by a black rectangular object in the sky (A UFO) that burns its victims.

Stories from the local bar about missing people, a cave with bloodless mutilated goats and a matte black object which pursues him one night, compel Jeremy to escape. He collects evidence to make his case believable using the doctor’s files and photos of the burned locals. He also enlists the help of Nasreen, Artie the grocer and the men from the bar. As they search for the missing, Jeremy witnesses gossamer aliens in an underwater cavern collecting crystals. Concerned for the safety of his daughter, he cancels Audrey’s visit. His escape is complicated by a broken bridge destroyed by the UFO, a disabled cell tower, an approaching hurricane and Chief Block who is suspicious of his motives.

As Jeremy attempts to stage a helicopter rescue with a pilot from his developer in Miami through email, he finds Artie dead from an implant in his skull. He is appalled to discover Dorothy did not get his message and unexpectedly arrives with their daughter in a chartered boat. Minutes after they disembark, the UFO sets the boat and its crew on fire. To his chagrin, Jeremy discovers Nasreen is in collusion with the aliens in exchange for healing her daughter’s leg, injured in Iraq.

Jeremy and his family must make it to the broken bridge by daybreak to rendezvous with the helicopter. However, as he and Chief Block, now allies, pack the jeep, the UFO appears during the eye of the hurricane. It fries Dorothy and Block to a crisp. Audrey runs from the scene and disappears.
Pursued through the jungle by the UFO, Jeremy grieves for his lost daughter as he makes for the rendezvous point without her. Under the bridge, he is overjoyed to discover Audrey had escaped unscathed by hiding under Block’s car. As the downpour gains from the hurricane, they leave the safety of the underpass and climb a metal basket up to the helicopter.

Safely back in Miami, Jeremy receives a mysterious visit from Nasreen who tells him the aliens’ agenda of finding and testing a healing crystal to bring back to their devastated planet. In a final farewell, she departs, entering the UFO which zips to the infinite black sky. As Jeremy holds Audrey’s hand and watches, he now believes that life exists outside of earth.

Under Tango Road – Supernatural Psychological Thriller
by Anna Maria Elisa Manalo
267-884-3290 *

Logline: A young Spanish matador moves to Mexico to overcome his guilt about accidentally killing his daughter – only to find, when he attempts to escape from authorities, that he has been dead all along.

Synopsis: JOSE BANA, 31 years old, was a rising star of the Seville bullring. Prematurely retired due to a bullfighting injury, he moves to Mexico, where he meets up with childhood friend and fellow bullfighter, MARCO. Marco introduces him to the local society where he falls for a young beautiful woman, SABINA. However, one night his idyllic life is shattered when Jose sees his wife’s “ghost” standing by his new apartment window. He is terrified that she may have survived and has followed him to expose a crime.

Nightmares of his tragic past and further visits from Elena escalate his sense of apprehension and a dawning awareness of guilt. On the way to a church where he encounters a faceless monk, he finds Marco lying in a casket inside a church window. The strange silence he receives from his friends cause Jose’s health and sanity to unravel. As he plans to flee back to Spain, his passport is stolen. Jose has a scuffle with the thief who flees, is hit by a bus, only to miraculously recover after surrendering the passport back to Jose.

Jose becomes fearful of seeing Elena’s ghost in his apartment, so Marco takes him in as he recovers from the scuffle. To Jose’s horror, he finds Elena’s clothes in Marco’s armoire. Jose concludes Marco is “the other man” he suspected Elena was seeing in Seville. A nightmare takes us to Seville where in a jealous rage Jose lashes out at his wife and accidentally pushes his four-year-old daughter over a balcony, killing her.

Fear, guilt, confusion, entrapment and anger overtake the formerly confident man as he comes face to face with his past. He awakens after a nightmare to find Elena’s rain-soaked sandals at his doorstep. Convinced she is there to seek justice, he attempts to escape to the airport in Marco’s car. En route, the car plummets into a ravine. Jose awakens to find his friends around him. Eager to reveal the truth, they escort him to the church on Tango Road. In a crypt room underneath, they show him their graves: they are all dead. Jose had died from his injuries 20 years ago. His friends had joined him in the afterlife in the hope of assisting him in his redemption by helping him to acknowledge his crimes and seek forgiveness.

Anomaly – Science Fiction Horror Thriller
by Anna Maria Elisa Manalo
267-884-3290 *

Logline: A sixteen-year-old boy must save his pregnant foster sister from alien experimentation when he discovers mutations on their farm only he can see.

The Tulpa Effect – TRAILER.

   Myanmar Stage Puppets, courtesy of Claudia Cabrera, 2010.

Screenplays on the Slate:

Alien Mountain – Noah’s Ark piloted by an extraterrestrial engine.  Sci Fi Action Adventure.

Fee Simple – a young woman learns marital fidelity when she is saved by the ghost of her policeman husband from a serial killer.  Supernatural Psychological Thriller.

A Different Kind of Death – A young coed learns justice from a soldier’s restless spirit.  Horror.

Another Life – a middle-aged woman meets her twin at other side of the world and discovers herself. Supernatural Drama.

Marianas – reality changes for a group of Pacific Islanders when a group of scientists unravel the truth behind the disappearance of several fishing boats and a cruise ship 50 miles from their coastline.


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